Banner advertising, one of the most powerful types of online advertising, is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, professionally created banner is the key to success of any advertising campaign. A banner should not only visually attract customer, get him interested in the product or service which it advertises, but also meet the company’s image, product or service which it represents. Banner forms the first impression of prospect customer, that’s why it should reflect the bottom line of the ad offer and also create a positive brand image in general.

Banner is an effective tool to promote any service or product. Today almost every website has banners of different complexity level. As banner advertising forges ahead, static GIF-banners are replaced with Flash-banners – images made using “Macromedia Flash”, a powerful editor for creating animations using elements of programming. Therefore if you are a website owner, with the help of banner you can not only promote the sections of your website, but also make the design of your website more dynamic (e.g. applying flash animation).

GIF and Flash – the most popular formats of banner ads

GIF-banner is an archive that stores a few compressed images simultaneously and displays them in an order designed by animation scenario. Images formats like GIF can use a palette, which is a table of 256 colors (here Flash-format is better than GIF-format, as it allows you to create bright and colorful banners, which is one of the key moments in advertising campaigns). It is also important to add that the GIF-format allows you to make one color transparent, which enables you to adapt your banner to the background of the site.

An attempt to optimize the image (reduce the size of the banner) can be an unpleasant surprise as oftentimes GIF-image becomes “covered” in dots — pixels. There is a plenty of software with the help of which it is possible to create GIF-banner on your own. Creation of Flash-banner already requires special programming knowledge and skills in “Macromedia Flash”.

Flash-banners are characterized by better animation capabilities (compared with other types of banners), which helps provide information and represent the desired product in a better way.

The quality of Flash-image is perfect, without the “blur” and extra pixels. It is possible to use images of different formats to implement different elements. The use of Flash technology allows to create something like mini videos. Flash-banners are presentable, and the movement of flash animation objects is smooth and close to natural.

Creation of banners, stages of the development process

  • Develop an idea and discuss the type of banner
  • Prepare the so-called “scenario”, which describes the graphical elements, text which will be used in the banner, and how the animation will be performed
  • Develop graphic layout of banner: create static banner
  • Get customer layout approval
  • Animate banner taking into account all amendments to static version

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